Our Story

Our Story

Throughout the ages of history and time, adventurers have used azimuth, a signature denominator of bearings and direction, to guide them through unchartered lands. The Azimuth can only be fully understood by individuals who seek the avant-garde, the fine line between logic and illogic. With Azimuth, you navigate different universes.

You are brought to fascinating and mysterious dimensions, which have never ventured into by humankind.

Navigate the unknown with Azimuth.


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Caring for your watch

General Instructions For Your Azimuth

Like any precision instrument, your AZIMUTH timepiece needs periodic servicing to ensure consistent high performance. We recommend that your timepiece be cleaned and oiled every 3-5 years by an official representative in your country. We keep spare parts in stock for many years and can therefore guarantee repairs over a long period.

Automatic models generally have a power reserve of at least 36 hours when not worn. Should your automatic watch stop after a period of non-usage, we recommend that you manually wind the crown for about 15-20 times to give the watch some power reserve to operate smoothly. Every AZIMUTH timepiece has been tested in our workshops for water resistance and condensation. However, we recommend that you have your AZIMUTH checked once a year by an authorized AZIMUTH dealer.

Our timepieces have a water resistance rating of 3 ATM, i.e. splash resistant. We do not recommend swimming or placing your watch under the running tap.


Although your AZIMUTH is to a certain degree shock resistant, abuse and blows should nevertheless be avoided to ensure precision performance of this delicate instrument. Please also note that hard knocks on the winding crown, glass or push buttons can impair the water resistance capabilities.

To ensure that your Azimuth timepiece continues to perform at its highest accuracy, we suggest that you avoid placing your timepiece near any magnetic objects (speakers, television, computers etc.) or subjecting it to extreme temperatures (e.g. placing your watch in the car parked under the sun).

For watches with retrograde minutes function, do not attempt to set the time in the opposite direction.

Avoid rapid fly back of the retrograde minutes hand when setting the time, i.e. please turn the crown slowly to set to the desired time.

To ensure water resistance of your timepiece, please push the crown back to its original position after setting the time.