Inspired by the most hardcore contemporary supercars that only the most well-heeled and affluent watch connoisseurs can appreciate, the Azimuth “Twin Barrel Tourbillon” (TBT) represents a brand new era of “micro-machine making”. It is not just a normal watch with a Tourbillon; we never intended it to be so; it’s a complex modern machine that draws its inspiration from the sexy silhouettes and raw muscle power of the various marques in the high-end market of supercars.

Fashioned and CNC-cut from a solid block of titanium, this ultra-lightweight case similar to the racing bodies of supercars is adorned with plates of carbon fibre fitted into the recesses at the sides as well as the back of the case. At the 6 o’clock position beats a massive Tourbillon mechanism with the KIF shock absorption system which acts as the “suspension” for the balance staff and the massive cage. The Tourbillon mechanism is incorporated to eliminate any positional errors that arise from the constant G- forces experienced by the escapement. To reduce drag on the movement, the twin discs and the massive arm are constructed from titanium.