Rolling your way in since 2011, the SP-1 Landship is an inspiration gleaned from the very 1st Mk4 British tanks of WWI. With a case shape that looks like the body of a contemporary main battle tank, it comes complete with a Turret and a “side gun” or “sponsons “which is where the guns were located in the very first “iron monsters”.

The turret on this SP-1 Landship is actually the aperture that allows the wearer to read the hour in an upright manner. Reading the minutes is the same upright manner but at the front facing of the body of the tank.
Completing the overall feel of the Mk4 Tank of 1915 is the side “sponsons” or the turret which is now the winding crown of the watch.

Encased in this surgical grade 316L stainless steel case is an In-House Azimuth modified 28,800 vph Swiss Made retrograde minutes and wondering hour movement. What makes this SP-1 Landship even more unique is the 3D Hour Drum in the turret, and the upright minutes dial in the front of the tank; both of which sets precedence to the watchmaking world.