HORLOGER MACHINES FABRIQUE (HMF) or “WATCHMAKER MACHINES FACTORY” in English essentially encapsulates the spirit of watchmaking. It’s an experience tailored to heighten your senses. Step into the secret realm of watchmaking, where you the Horloger, equipped with an array of tools and Machines, are immersed in a specially setup environment (Fabrique) to create a perfect timepiece. It’s little wonder that what you are going to experience is what we describe as “The Trinity of Watchmaking”.


In HMF, we place great emphasis on the individual, because you are created as such. The concept of being different is best exemplified by the build-your-own-watch concept, where you can enjoy the freedom of selecting from an array of cases, dials, hands, movements and straps to conjure up the perfect timepiece that is truly unique to you. What’s more, in this HMF program, you have the rare opportunity to experience what many can only dream of; that is to assemble your own creation under the supervision of a qualified watchmaker. Now this is what we call a true watch collector’s experience.


For centuries the Swiss has been renowned for their exceptional horological expertise. All watches by HMF are made leveraging on the century-old established techniques and precision qualities of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Only here can you experience true watchmaking with the utilisation of standard Swiss equipment and Swiss movements to assemble your timepiece. HMF concept of quality includes the technical quality of the watches (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance), as well as aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design). Your customised watch is individually tested and inspected for quality. All watches created by you under the HMF program enjoy a 24-month limited warranty.